How much control do managers really have over customer satisfaction?

作 者:Doctoral Committee  阅读次数:4759次  发布日期:2005-07-08

This dissertation examines the extent to which a firm's efforts to improve customer satisfaction are constrained or limited by industry characteristics and country differences.Specifically,we examine the extent to which industry structure and country differences,rather than managers,detemine customer satisfaction.Using Fornell's(1995) view of customer satisfaction as a market-based measure of firm performance,and extending the Industrial Organization and International Business literatures.we suggest customer satisfaction to be jointly detemined by managerial actions.industry characteristics,and country specifics.We find tha customer satisfaction is indeed jointly determined by managerial actions,industry characteristics and country differernces.We also find that industry characteristics and country differences explain a very significant portion(around 80% on average) of cross-industry and between-countries variance in customer satisfaction.explaining some of the frustration experienced by managers trying to understand an d influence customer satisfaction (Anderson and Mitall,2000;Business Week,2000).  



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