Customer Satisfaction and Price Tolerance

作 者:Ann Arbor  阅读次数:5697次  发布日期:2005-07-08

This study investigates the association between customer satisfaction and willingness-to-pay or price tolerance.The goal is not only to detemine whether the association between customer satisfaction and price tolerance is positive or negative but also to gauge the degree of association . The Swedish Customer Satisfaction Barometer provides the data.The empirical analysis indicates a negative association between the level of customer satisfaction provided by the firm and the degree of price tolerance exhibited by its customers.However a positive assotion is found between year-to-year changes in the levels of customer satisfaction and price tolerance.

To What extent does improving customer satisfaction increase customer willingness-to-pay of price tolearance and consequently,descrease price sensitivity?the goal of this study is to investigate whether the association between satisfaction and price tolerance is positive or negative,as well as to gauge the degree of assoctation between these two important constructs.Adding to our understanding of different ways increasing customer satisfaction can benefit the firm is important to managers considering initiating or continuing such well as to researchers interested in developing theory in the area. This is particularly true in ghe case of price tolerance,as it has not received the degree of attention paid other consequences of statisfaction,such as repurchase intentiongs(Anderson and Fornell,1993).


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