A Knowledge Base For Brand Choice Model Selecion

作 者:Nikolaos F. Matsatsinis, Maria  阅读次数:5015次  发布日期:2005-07-08

Consumer Choice Models target to model Consumer Purchase Behavior and more specifically, to model the procedure with which consumers make up their mind. Consumer Behavior is one of the most important, dynamic scientific fields in Market Research. With Consumer Behavior analysis, an important number of consumer choice models have been developed, which can be used for the evaluation of important marketing statistics, such as market shares, a brand's purchase probability etc. However, consumers differ to a range of characteristics (personality, preferences, income, sex, etc.), meaning that a model that is appropriate to describe a specific consumer's behavior may be impossible to explain another consumer's behavior. Therefore, a variety of models are required to explain consumer behavior. The problem is that this variety causes a difficulty for choosing the right model in every case, since the literature about these models is vast.  


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